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Oncology – Chemotherapy

Contrary to the general belief, chemotherapy success rates are quite high when used on the appropriate cases.

Our clinic is the first and only to use the PhaSeal closed system transfer devices on the veterinary field. Thanks to this system which is only available in select hospitals even in the human field, we can deliver all the necessary medicines to your pet in a totally closed system without the worry of environment contamination, thus ensuring the safety of the people in the room during the chemotherapy process.

We follow all the new technologies and progresses in and out of our country, therefore the medicines and the protocols we’ll be using on your pet will always be the newest with the most success rate and proven efficacy on that certain disease. When necessary, we consult with our veterinary oncologist colleagues especially in the US and decide on a certain protocol for a patient.

Because “better quality of life ” is our priority, it is very important for us that your pet undergoes these procedures with minimum discomfort. Therefore, we prepare our chemotherapy protocols ensuring minimum discomfort for your pet, and whenever needed use alternative and natural therapies in conjunction to make sure your pet experiences minimum to no side effects.