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0 Yazı/post | Nov 16, 2011


Kristen Moreland

IP: 212.156.148.YJF    08-06-2009  TavsiyeNo: 23956

Ever since moving to Istanbul 4 years ago, Caglar Kondu has been a trusted member of our family. Unfortunately, we have had some very intense medical issues with our two dogs, and without Caglar’s commitment to seeing them get better, I don’t think those dogs would be with us today. Caglar knows that your pets are more than just animals who live at your house; Caglar understands the emotional connection that can exist between dog and owner. For us, these two dogs are like our children, and Caglar treats them and us with that level of respectful understanding. In addition, Caglar is also extremely knowledgeable about alternative treatments. She has recommended natural supplements for our dogs and they have worked wonders. She truly considers each case individually, knowing that what works for one animal may not be the right course of action for another. This attention to detail and the emotional situation of the owners are just two on a very long list of reasons to recommend Caglar Kondu. Caglar’s commitment to helping street animals is also a beautiful quality. She goes out of her way to help defenseless animals who have been injured, abused or otherwise ‘thrown away,’ and supports those who adopt these animals. She has plenty of other paying clients, but she always gives of herself to those in need. Moreover, for those of who do not speak Turkish, her bilingualism adds a level of comfort to discussions of tough situations. Many medical words are the same in both Turkish and English, but Caglar is able to explain situations in a way that is calming, informational and complete. She is always available by phone and email, and she responds to questions instantly. Caglar always makes us feel like our dogs are the most important case she has, even when there is a crowd of owner’s feeling the same way in her office. I cannot recommend Caglar Kondu strongly enough. We trust her implicitly with the health and well being our our four legged children. As I said before, if it was not for her commitment and dedication and care, our dogs may not be here today.

Most sincerely, Kristen Moreland and Jeff Kin And our dogs, CK and Ruby